Here is a blog written by Greg, our membership secretary about his experience being on the steering group:

In 2012 I was very new to Friends of the Earth, having joined a local campaign in my local group. So in September I went along to the national conference, where I learnt that Friends of the Earth were forming a youth network, Young Friends of the Earth, and that they were looking for young people 18-30 to form a steering group. I thought why not – I didn’t have experience in managing an organisation before, but thought it would be great experience. Two years later and I am amazed as to what I have learnt throughout my time. It has been fantastic to have an oversight into a group, to think strategically about how an organisation works and to put in place structural changes to ensure that it will work in the future.

Throughout the last year I have been Membership Secretary. I wasn’t too sure what this really involved, but I gave it a go, and although it has taken a while to really put in place the measures to boost membership, I have learnt a lot along the way and a lot has been achieved! Out of this role, we’ve now got two separate sign-up forms – one to receive our monthly newsletter, the other to become more of an active member. And just recently I’ve started to map out where our members are, so that we can start to match young activists up with each other, aiming to raise awareness about Young FoE in their areas.

It has been amazing to see Young FoE grow from it’s infancy two years ago, to where it is now – we have come a long way and I am now really excited to see where it goes next – it will only go from strength to strength as awareness about Young FoE spreads.

If you have an interest in helping a group to flourish and boost it’s members, then I would strongly recommend you apply for Membership Secretary. It’s great fun, and a great experience!


Joining the Young Friends of the Earth (YFOE) Steering Group (SG) is an exciting opportunity to campaign with a vibrant environmental organisation. Being on the Steering Group allows those participating to develop skills, knowledge and experience that can be very useful for the workplace environment. There is plenty of scope to gain skills in strategic thinking, events organising, leading campaigns as well as many other opportunities to gain experience for the CV on top of helping your continuous professional development. You will also get the chance to work with like minded environmental activists.

Being on the Steering Group is a year long commitment and needs to be taken seriously. You would be expected to participate in activities, take responsibility where appropriate and help Young Friends of the Earth achieve the aims set out at the start of the term.

Those on the Steering Group agree to the following.

  • To remain committed to Young Friends of the Earth for the full year of being on the Steering Group.
  • To attend 7/12 monthly Skype Calls.
  • Where feasible to attend Quarterly face to face Steering Group Meetings.
  • To set aside time specifically to work on Young Friends of the Earth matters each month according to what needs to be completed.  

Below are the elected positions available on the new Steering Group. Nominations are open from today (7th August) for a month until 7th September.
To nominate yourself for a position, please email a 250 word statement including your name, location, position you wish to apply for, and why you think you are suitable for the role to tim.gee@foe.co.uk 



Aim: To gain new members for YFoE and to keep awareness of current members (including those in SG and working groups).

General Tasks:

  • Gather information about members.

  • Managing membership database and keeping it up to date (including who is on SG and working groups).

  • Welcome new members to YFoE, and encourage them to become part of SG, working groups or campaign groups.

  • To introduce members to other nearby members in their area

  • To help recruitment for SG and working groups from membership.

  • Inform treasurer of any income/expenditure.

  • Sit on the Engaging YP project (not coordinate)

SG-Related Tasks:

  • Report to SG on new membership sign-up and changes to working groups (at SG meetings).

  • Liaise with comms to get membership sign-up through comms channels.

  • To take donations from members that wish to donate and pass info to treasurer and to fundraising.

Annual Tasks:

  • Review and update membership form.

  • Review membership policy with secretary.

  • Write brief report on membership numbers, changes to SG and working group membership to secretary for Annual Report.

  • Hand-over to new membership secretary (including login details) after elections (as necessary).


Aim: To keep YFoE accounts up to date and make sure we don’t spend more than we have.

General Tasks:

  • Managing accounts – keep a record of income and expenditure, as detailed from other SG members.

  • Keep an eye on the bank account - whether or not we have any money!

  • Write cheques to refund expenses/for other expenditure.

  • Provide account information for incoming payments from fundraising activities.

SG-Related Tasks:

  • Communicate the state of the accounts to the SG at monthly meetings.

  • Ask for expenses to be filed.

  • Reinforce cut off date after which expenses will not be filed.

  • Ensure there is another bank account signatory on the SG.

Annual Tasks:

  • Review expenditure policies with operations.

  • Provide brief written report and summary data of accounts (income and expenditure, linked to activities) to operations for Annual Report.

  • Hand-over to new treasurer and change any login details (e.g. bank account) after elections (as necessary).


Aim: To keep the SG organised and to facilitate communication between groups.

General Tasks:

  • Gathering documents (SG and working group meeting minutes, policy docs, SG/working group/membership updates, accounts, YFoE strategy) and putting them up on Crabgrass/document sharing.

  • Monitoring the info@ email and forwarding queries to the relevant SG or working group person (saying they will be in touch within 1 week).

  • Writing (or finding people to write) and reviewing internal policy and SG structure (e.g. internal communications channels, use of social media, diversity, YFoE aims) - if necessary!

  • Keep record of login details for any SG internal systems (e.g. riseup, googlegroups, info@ emails address).

  • Inform treasurer of any income/expenditure.

SG-Related Tasks:

  • Organising and reminding SG meetings and gathering/collating agenda items.

  • Deciding on a date for the SG face-to-face meetings (via doodle).

Annual Tasks:

  • Putting together the Annual Report, taking written information from all other SG members and distributing prior to AGM.

  • Hand-over to new Operations (including login details) after elections (as necessary).

  • Instigate organisation of AGM and election process - make sure all the SG are involved and help!

  • Instigate organisation of Basecamp - make sure all SG help!

  • Organising the formulation of an annual strategy for the SG, and checking against long-term YFoE aims


Aim: To support members of YFoE to fundraise for campaigns and actions

General Tasks:

  • Apply for funds to cover steering group costs (face to face & hosting)

  • Provide advice for members who want to fundraise for campaigns

  • Put together lists of grant bodies

  • Provide ideas for fundraising (what works)

  • Can build up a team of other members if they need help with fundraising
  • Hand-over to new Fundraising Support after elections (as necessary).


Aim: To support members of YFoE to run campaigns and actions •  Not coordinating the working group – just a liaison representative

General Tasks:

  • Linking people together and prompting people
  • Report back to steering group
  • If someone in campaigns wants to get in touch with comms, then go through this person
  • Hand-over to new Campaigns Liaison after elections (as necessary).


Aim: To feed back from comms group to SG, and to organise comms WG.

General Tasks:

  • Not coordinating the working group – just a liaison representative
  • Report back to steering group
  • If someone in comms wants to get in touch with campaigns, then go through this person
  • Hand-over to new Comms Liaison (including login details) after elections (as necessary).


Aim: To build and maintain good relationships between YFoE and other organisations and campaign groups.

General Tasks:

  • Keep an eye on campaigns run by FoE national, FoE Cymru, FoE NI and YFoE Europe to inform campaigns about potential collaborations.

  • Keep an eye on campaigns run by identified campaign groups that we want to work with to feed into campaigns groups for solidarity actions or joint campaigns.

  • Keep an understanding of the campaigns we run
  • Work with comms to forward info about YFoE campaigns to contacts at above organisations.
  • Hand-over to new Networking after elections (as necessary).


Thursday 7th August at 7pm


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Overview of the Annual Report & Q+A
  • NEW Steering Group: Nomination/election process and positions available & Q+A
  • Suggestions for campaigns/actions to give to the new SG
  • What are you up to?
  • Any other questions

To join, add ‘YoungFoEEWNI’ to Skype


At the end of last year Young Friends of the Earth reacted against Lord Browne’s controversial appointment as a Non-Executive Director in the Cabinet Office, following his appointment as Chairman of Cuadrilla and previous role as CEO of BP.

A protest was held and a petition was made calling him to resign from his position in cabinet:


Now we are calling on you and your friends to send Lord Browne a personal message to raise our voices and say no to dirty energy…through the power of selfies and social media!


  1. Download and print the speech bubbles

  2. Cut them out (and give one to a friend too!)

  3. Write your message

  4. Take a selfie with your speech bubble (see below for example)

  5. Post it to Twitter and Facebook using #LordBrowneFrackOff
    (If you don’t have social media, email us your pic at info@youngfoe.org.uk)

  6. Help call an end to our toxic relationship with dirty energy!

Here’s one we made earlier…



Young FoE will shortly be opening nominations for the 2014-2015 Steering Group. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in shaping the future vision, structure & direction for Young FoE with positions ranging from Membership Secretary to Operations Officer.

To hear more about this, we will be holding our AGM on Thursday 7th August where you can find out about what we’ve achieved this year, the elections process, and an opportunity for you to tell us any issues that are important to you.

Our AGM will be via Skype, at 7pm - please add ‘YoungFoEEWNI’ to your contact list and we will call you.

To be able to vote for potential steering group members, you will need to be a member of Young FoE EWNI – this is free membership, so sign up here!

Nominations will open after our AGM on the 7th August for 1 month, closing on 7th September. If you’re a signed up member, you’ll then be able to vote. This process will last for 2 weeks, closing on the 21st September. And on the 22nd September, we’ll announce the brand new Young FoE Steering Group!


Our campaign against dirty energy has enabled the youth voice to be heard on the fight against fracking. We’ve scouted the country, talking to young people who are doing just this, and we loved what we heard, so we’re going to share them with you.

This is Charlotte, from Misson, Nottinghamshire:

"I’m 19 years old, and have lived in Misson my whole life. I am involved in frack free campaigns because I will not allow my own and future generations to be locked into dependence on exhaustible and damaging energy sources. The financial greed that is blinding corporations and politicians doesn’t fool me. Our environment, public health and quality of life are of utmost importance. The evidence proving that fracking is an unsafe process, whether “regulated” or not, is overwhelming. I refuse for my great-great grandchildren to look back and wonder why we stood by and did nothing when faced with such a clear threat. The thought of seeing the farmland and countryside surrounding my childhood home replaced by an industrial gasfield is truly horrifying, and I will not stand for it."

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For the love of the food on our plates. For the love of our global neighbours. For the Love of Somerset, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef. For the love of country walks and Britain’s beautiful seasons.

For the love of all the things we care about, we’re taking climate change seriously. And we’re not alone.

We’re part of The Climate Coalition, over 100 organisations with millions of supporters, working together for climate action. We may all be passionate about different things, but we’re united in our determination to tackle climate change.

Join the movement and share what you love

In July, we will present your stories and images to politicians so they’ll see all the reasons why you want them to take climate change more seriously than ever before. To remind them that, no matter what gets us up in the morning, we all care about something that’s affected by climate change. We’ve been waiting too long for the decisions that the world needs.

What do you love?

Together we can make sure we’re heard in the name of the things that matter most.


The youth arm of Britain’s most influential environmental NGO, Young Friends of the Earth, have today put Lord John Browne of Madingley’s integrity up for auction on eBay. [1]

This comes on the day that officials from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Environment Agency speak at the UK Shale Gas Forum [2] alongside the chief executives of Cuadrilla and iGas – two companies whose drilling sites have been the focus of protest camps in Balcombe and Salford.

John Wilson, lead campaigner of Young Friends of the Earth’s Dirty Energy Group said:

'We have targeted Lord Browne as he was appointed Non-Executive Director of the Cabinet Office, a mere four months after joining Cuadrilla as Chairman. We believe Lord Browne should resign as he is looking to benefit financially from fracking and this coupled with his influence within the government amounts to a massive conflict of interest.’

Greg Hewitt, campaign member of the Dirty Energy Group said:

‘Fracking keeps us hooked on dangerous fossil fuels which reduce our ability to meet our legally binding obligations to reduce our CO2 emissions. Stories of fracking from the US already provide evidence of the negative environmental and human impacts of fracking. [3] Even on our own doorstep, fracking has caused havoc – test drilling in Lancashire caused two earthquakes back in 2011.’ [4]

Young Friends of the Earth demonstrated outside Riverstone Holdings at last October’s Global Frackdown event, and have now gained over 2,000 signatures on their change.org petition. [5]


Notes for Editors:


[2] http://marketforce.eu.com/events/utilities-energy/the-shale-gas-forum

[3]  http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/01/05/some-states-confirm-water-pollution-from-drilling/4328859/

[4] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-15550458

[5] https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/we-call-on-lord-browne-to-resign-from-his-position-in-the-cabinet-office-due-to-his-vested-interests-in-profiting-from-fracking-and-the-conflict-of-interest-this-causes


Meat production and overfishing is damaging our natural environments. Livestock production is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gases emitted each year and destructive fishing methods are damaging our marine ecosystems.

We need to start thinking more about the impact of our dietary choices. 

We believe that eating less but better meat and fish is the way forward and to show you that this is more than possible, we’re challenging you to give Meat Free May a go - a month of no meat or fish, whilst asking your friends and family to sponsor you.

We hope that once you see how easy it is to live without meat or fish you’ll look to eat better for yourself and the planet. Our Executive Director even gave it a go.

Join us to enjoy new food, have fun and help us fundraise! Sign-up to take part in Meat Free May today.